Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Estelle Antonini


Color script of Antonini’s film.

For this week’s artist conversation I chose Estelle Antonini’s work in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.  Antonini is a BFA (Bachelor’s of Fine Arts) student majoring in animation.  She is currently finishing up her last semester at Cal State Long Beach.  After she graduates she hopes to go into character design and digital development.

Character sketches.

When first entering the Gatov gallery you will notice a large collection of work from many talented artists focusing on illustration and animation.  I eventually stumbled upon Antonini’s work and instantly fell in love with her drawing style.  Antonini’s work consists of various concept drawings of characters and a color script based on an animated film she is working on called Tundra.  Tundra, when finished, will be a 3 minute and 24 second film which she has been working on since January (2015).

The main character of Antonini’s film, Galya.

Antonini’s inspiration for her film came from a documentary she watched about Nenets culture.  She found the documentary to be very interesting and decided she wanted to make a film based on it.  The Nenets are traditionally reindeer herders, but were forced to give up their way of living.  The Nenets children were forced into boarding schools and Antonini’s film follows the adventures of Galya, the main character of the film, as she tries to escape the school.  In order to make sure she didn’t disrespect the Nenets culture, Antonini did lots of research, whether that be watching documentaries, readings books, or talking with experts on the culture.

Sketches of reindeer.

Antonini originally wanted to do all of the drawings for the film by hand, but ended up using a computer software instead.  Since for ever second of an animated film there is 24 drawings it is much more convenient to do everything digitally rather than having to scan every single drawing.  Although, Antonini did use a computer software for the final project all of her original sketches were done by hand with either pencil or water color.  Although her film is not yet finished Antonini hopes it will be done by May of next year (2016).

I am a huge fan of Antonini’s work because I just absolutely love that she is trying to incorporate water color into her film.  I’ve always really loved the way water color looks and how the colors blend into each other.  Antonini said that she will probably post her complete film on one of her social media sites so I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for it!

If you’d like to know more about Antonini’s work or contact her all the appropriate information will be listed below.

Water color painting of Galya.

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