Wk12 – Extra Credit – Feedback

Throughout this semester we did a lot of different activities and some of my favorites would have to be the plaster casting, painting, fiber art, and geocaching.  One thing that all of these activities have in common (besides the geocaching) is that they are, in my opinion, activities that are based on more traditional mediums of art.  And I’ve always been a fan of traditional art so that probably why I really enjoyed these activities.  As for the geocaching, I thought that this activity was pretty fun, but I wasn’t a huge fan of having to hide our own geocache.  My reasoning is that the whole process of trying to submit a cache was pretty tedious but I thought that finding them was really fun!

When we did the plaster casting!

Some of my least favorite activities were identity art (Periscope), ephemeral art (Snapchat), transmedia story telling, and mobile public art (Somebody).  My reasoning for disliking these activities was that they didn’t, in my opinion, make me feel like I was doing art.  While doing these activities I just felt like I was learning how to use a new app and not really applying any creativity.  And I know that there are many mediums of art, but when I went into this class I was hoping that we would be creating more physical pieces of art rather than things that are posted online.  I’ve also never really been a fan of Snapchat so that could be have made me partially biased to not like that activity.

All the geocaches I found!

I actually really enjoy going to the galleries every week because I’ve always been a fan of art so I think its really cool that we are able to see some of these artists’ works.  I also think that the classmate conversations are pretty cool.  I think they are a good way for people that don’t know anybody in the class to meet to people and maybe make a few new friends.  And I was actually really disappointed that we didn’t get to design our own chairs…I was honestly really looking forward to it and it made me sad that we didn’t do that activity.  And I thought the extra credit opportunity, to have our chair 3D printed, would have been really cool because then I would have been able to take home this little chair that I designed and made.


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