Wk12 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Palacios


For this week’s classmate conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Palacios.  Jennifer is from Paramount, CA and is a Criminal Justice major at Cal State Long Beach.  She would one day like to become a criminal investigator.  Jennifer is 18 years old but will be turning 19 on November 23!

In her free time, Jennifer likes to watch Netflix, read, draw, and take pictures.  Some of the shows she likes to watch include Criminal Minds, Bob’s Burger, Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec, and American Horror Story.  I think this is really cool because I also like all of those shows.  I had recently started watching Criminal Minds because one of my friends has been pestering me to watch it and it is AMAZING!  My best friend and I also like to watch American Horror Stories because it’s super creepy and weird so its cool that Jennifer also likes it.  Jennifer says that she enjoys reading so much that she basically has her whole library at home and I’m the same way!  Jennifer enjoys reading young adult novels, and although she doesn’t have a favorite author she really likes Rainbow Rowell’s work.  I actually also like Rainbow Rowell although I’ve only read one of her books I plan to read some of her other works in the near future.

Another cool thing about Jennifer is that she is also a huge fan of Tim Burton!  I thought this was super exciting because one of my favorite movies of all time is Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  So during our conversation we were talking about some of the movies that Tim Burton is supposed to be directing.  Jennifer is also a huge Disney fan and is an annual pass holder!  I’m actually super jealous of her because I too love anything Disney and would love to get a pass but they are just so expensive now.

Jennifer told me that at the moment she doesn’t travel at all, but would one day like to travel the world.  And the first place she would like to go is the UK.  I would also like to go to the UK at some point and maybe other parts of Europe as well, but since international travel is just sooo expensive it maybe be awhile before I can do that.

For this week’s question of the week “What color calms you?  What color activates you?”  Jennifer said that lilac and sea green calm her and pastel colors catch her attention.  Thought that it was interesting that she said that pastel colors catch her attention because they are normally soft colors.  For me bright colors normally catch my attention because they basically scream “OVER HERE, LOOK AT ME!”

It was really cool getting to talk to Jennifer this week and I was actually really surprised by how much we had in common.  Hopefully I’ll get to continue to get to know her throughout the last few weeks of this semester.


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