Wk11 – Extra Credit – Geocaching

All of the geocaches I’ve found so far.

For this week we had an opportunity to get some extra credit by finding some of our classmates’ geocaches.  So like I said in my previous post about Geocaching (link to previous post here) I think finding these caches is actually really fun.  It was also really nice that I was able to find five caches on campus so I didn’t have to drive all over the place.

It was really interesting seeing where everyone decided to hide their caches.  For a few of the geocaches the coordinates were off so we would be able to get to the general location of the cache then you’d have to search based off of the hint or the description.  Fortunately, I was able to find all of the caches I searched for but did encounter some difficulties along the way.

One thing I did notice about the app that did bother me, was that a few of the users were actually quite rude to some of my classmates.  But aside from that I really like the idea behind the app and enjoy finding these caches.

Find #1: Fire Hydrant

The first find of the day, it was actually really easy to find too.



Find #2: Long Beach Computer Science

This one would be a little bit more difficult if you don’t go to the engineering buildings a lot, but since I’m an engineering major I found the description to be really helpful.  So I found this one relatively easily.



Find #3: Wintergreen Altoids

This one was actually a bit challenging to find because the coordinates were off, but the person that hid this cache also posted a picture to help find it.  The description was also really helpful.



Find #4: Nebraska

Found this one relatively easily and I though the hint was super helpful!



Find #5: CSULB-Altoids container

This one was probably the most difficult because the coordinates led me to one of the parking lots, but after reading the description I found that the cache was hidden in the parking structure.  Once I got to the structure I found that the cache was hidden between a pipe and one of the concrete walls.  I was actually worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get the cache because it was so high and since I’m only 5’2″ it was pretty daunting.  I ended up actually having a friend boost me up so that I could reach it.




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