Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Jackie Bautista

Jackie and myself outside the galleries.

For this week’s classmate conversation I met Jackie Bautista.  Jackie is from North Hollywood, CA and graduated from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA.  She is currently a second year Kinesiology major with a focus in Exercise Science.  After Jackie graduates she would, at the moment, like to go into either Occupational or Physical Therapy.  This is Jackie’s second year of dorming on campus and is planning on being an RA next year.

Jackie has an older sister whom is five years older.  Ethnically she is Filipino, so I asked if she had ever been to the Philippines and she said that she hasn’t been since she was six so she feels like its about time to visit the Motherland again.  And I honestly couldn’t agree more because it has been a long time since I’ve been the Japan and I would love to go again sometime.

In her free time Jackie likes to watch Netflix, draw, eat, and go on adventures with her friends.  She said that she has just recently finished watching Scrubs and said the ending was really emotionally and is sad that she finished.  I’ve only seen a few episodes of Scrubs, but Jackie really makes we want to sit down and watch all the episodes!!  She said that she has recently been watching The Office and is still pretty indifferent about the characters, but hopes that she’ll warm up to them soon.  Along the lines of food Jackie likes all types of food, but says that you can never go wrong with Thai food or sushi.

During our conversation we got onto the topic of where we see ourselves in ten years.  Jackie and I both agreed that we would like to be financially stable and well as having a good job that we enjoy.

For this week’s question of the week “Are tattoos art?  Does it matter if you’re involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself, or pick one from a book?  What tattoo would you get?”  Jackie said that tattoos are art and doesn’t necessarily think it matters if you are involved with the design.  But says that if you are involved in the design then the tattoo is more personal and has more of a story behind it.  Jackie is actually planning on getting a tattoo soon and has a few ideas in mind, right now she would like to get mandala, a drawing by an artist she really likes, and LA written with hearts.

It was really cool getting to talk to Jackie this week, so if you have the chance you should definitely do your next classmate conversation with her!


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