Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon


For this week’s artist conversation I chose Kathy Yoon’s work in the Merlino Gallery.  Yoon is from Garden Grove, CA and is a transfer student.  At her JC, Cypress College, she was originally a Mathematics major but after taking a drawing class she found that really enjoyed art and decided to go into art instead.  She later accidentally took a ceramics class which she got really excited about so when she transferred to Cal State Long Beach she went in for ceramics.  She is currently a “super senior” BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) student finishing up her last semester.  After she graduates she hopes to go into character design at an entertainment or animation studio as well as doing more fine art galleries.


Upon first entering Yoon’s gallery, So Many Me’s, you will see lots of little sculptures placed on the floor.  These scupltures look as though you had just walked into one of Tim Burton’s animated movies.  And Tim Burton is actually one of Yoon’s favorite artists and it is her dream to one day work with him.  Yoon’s inspiration for the pieces are her own feelings and experiences.  Some of the feelings portrayed in Yoon’s sculptures include: sadness, depression, silliness, playfulness, and frustration.  When asked what Yoon hopes her viewers will get out of her pieces she answered that she hopes that the viewer will be able to get a sense of who she is and maybe even connect with one of the sculptures.

The piece that Yoon said she connects with the most.

All of her pieces are made entirely from clay and are actually hollow.  They are hollow because of the technique she uses called coiling which is where you take a long rolled piece of clay and you slowly coil the clay on top of itself in order to make a spring looking shape.  She then smooths out the surface to get the shape she wants and then uses a kiln to fire the pieces twice.  She said that when she was deciding what colors to use she wanted to make sure that there was color but not too much as to take a way from the gestures of the pieces.

One of my personal favorites.

Yoon doesn’t have a favorite piece but said that at the moment she connects with the one with the balloon the most.  My personal favorite of the pieces would have to be a tie between the one with it’s head against the wall and the one reaching up to the crotched man hanging from the ceiling.  Yoon said that it took her about two to three weeks to complete each sculpture.

Although she doesn’t currently have a website, if you’d like to know more about Yoon’s work or contact her all the appropriate info and links will be listed below.

  • Email: kathy.c.yoon@gmail.com
  • Instagram: kathy.c.yoon



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