Wk11- Activity – Fiber Art

For this week’s activity we had to make fiber art that could be hung on the wall.  So I decide to make a crochet wall hanging mainly because I’ve seen a lot of cool things like this and thought it would look cool when I was done.

When I was younger my grandma had taught me how to crochet, knit, sew, and a bunch of other crafty activities so I was honestly having trouble deciding what I wanted to do for this activity.  But I eventually settled for crocheting because it was the simplest and you can make some pretty cool stuff.  So after a few Google searches I got an idea of what I wanted to make.  I eventually found a pretty cool crochet pattern (which is actually for a coaster, but I think it looks pretty cool).  (The pattern can be found here if you’re interested. http://www.kaleidesigns.com/crochet/patterns/archive/coas008.html)

So I haven’t actually crocheted anything in a while so at first I was pretty rusty and had to look up what the abbreviations on the pattern stood for.  But after a slow start I was quickly working my way through the pattern.  In all I think it took me maybe an hour and a half to finish, so it was a nice little break from my studying.

At this point I was about halfway done.

I’ve always been a pretty crafty person so I thought that this activity was pretty fun and I was pleasantly surprised by how my piece turned out.  I just wish that I had maybe used a different color or maybe even a few colors when I was making it.

The finished piece.

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