Wk10 – Classmate Conversation – Madeline Perez

Maddie and myself outside the galleries.

For this week’s classmate conversation I met Madeline Perez or Maddie.  Maddie is from Whittier, CA and graduated from La Serna High School.  She is currently a second year hospitalities major at Cal State Long Beach and would like to go into event planning some day.

During our conversation Maddie told me that she works at an Italian so with school and work she’s quite busy.  But when she does have some free time she like to spend time with her grandmother, whom she is very close with, and also enjoys watching Netflix.  One of her favorite shows is One Tree Hill, which I have never actually watched, but maybe when I have free time I’ll check it out!

We also got onto the topic of food and Maddie said that some of her favorite foods are pho, carne asada fries, and Korean BBQ.  Although I’m personally not the biggest fan of pho I do love me some carne asada fries and Korean BBQ!  We also talked about when your friends that go to school away from home come back for the weekend or break they always want to go to Korean BBQ.  We both agree that it’s amazing how cheap Korean BBQ is especially since it’s all you can eat!

For this week’s question of the week “If you could travel to any country where would you go and why?”  Maddie said that she would go to Paris because she’s a huge Disney fan and wants to go to Disneyland Paris.  I also think it would be cool to visit Paris but I think I’d also like to go to all of the regular touristy spots as well as Disneyland Paris.

It was really cool meeting Maddie this week and I’m sure we”ll continue to get to know each other throughout the semester.


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