Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

For this week’s activity we had to get into groups of 2 or more and create a story using different forms of social media.  My group consisted of myself, Diana, and Nick.

For our story my character, Melanie Hemera, is 20 years old.  This is her third year attending their local University and hopes to be able to graduate in spring of 2017.  Melanie’s family is well off which has allowed her to have a wide range of experiences.  She enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding, and fishing with her father.  She has also had the to opportunity to travel the world, one of her favorite places she’s visited it China because of the wide range of architecture (ranges from old temples, to more modern designs).  She is also quite the foodie and can’t live without her Starbucks.  Being from a well off family Melanie doesn’t have to work to make ends meet like her roommates.  Melanie isn’t the type of person that will spend a lot of money on material things, she’d rather gain experiences and have fun than dress in fancy clothes.  Melanie’s goals are to just be happy and of course graduate from college.

Social Media links:

Here’s a few of Melanie’s Instagram posts.

For our story we decided to make it horror/mystery since Halloween is coming up and all.  Our story starts off with three roommates Melanie Hemera (myself), Swanhilda Kekepania (Diana), and Artemidoros Epiphanius (Nick) moving into a new house that Melanie’s parents bought.  The three friends are quite activate on social media and blog everything on their shared wordpress account.  At first the three college students are excited to be living in a house instead of a cramped apartment, but soon start having weird experiences.  They soon start hearing noises and some of their belongs are disappearing then reappearing in strange places.  As the story progresses things start getting more frightening until they discover a message left for them and decide to leave before someone gets hurt.

My final thoughts on this activity would have to be that it was extremely tedious.  I feel like I would have enjoyed this activity more if we would have had more time to work on it (maybe two weeks instead of one?).  I mean I don’t think our story was bad, but I feel like since we didn’t have lot of time to work on it we kind of rushed into the ending.  I’m sure if we would have had more time to work on it we could have made it better, but I think for the amount of time given we did a pretty good job.


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