Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Forest Nutter

Forest and myself outside the galleries.

For this week’s classmate conversation I met Forest Nutter.  Forest is from San Marcos, CA and graduated from San Marcos High School.  He is currently a third year majoring in Electrical Engineering at Cal State Long Beach.  Forest also explained that he is actually dorming at school which I thought was interesting since most people seem to move into apartments after their first year (but I’m a commuter so what do I know).  He also explained that since he can’t cook, he would starve if he didn’t live on campus.  I can definitely relate to this because I can’t cook either so if I didn’t live at home I would probably be in the same predicament.

Forest enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and playing soccer.  Forest said the he played AYSO (American Young Soccer Organization) and was a defender.  I thought this as actually really cool because when I played AYSO, I too normally played defender.  And although neither of us thought of ourselves as the best soccer players we both agreed that our speed was our best attribute.

Later in our conversation I asked Forest what his favorite food was and he said homemade burritos.  More specifically his mom’s homemade burritos.  Although he didn’t really go into detail about what makes his mom’s burritos so amazing I can imagine that they must be absolutely delicious.  Especially since we live in California and you can pretty much go anywhere and get an amazing burrito.

For this week’s question of the week (If you could dye your hair a crazy color, which color would it be and why?) Forest doesn’t really have any intentions of ever dying his hair but said maybe blue or green.  He said maybe green because green is his favorite color and didn’t really have an explanation for the blue.  I honestly thought this was a bold choice since for my “crazy color” (which I guess wasn’t all that crazy) I opted for a midnight blue.  I chose this because blue is my favorite color and since my hair is pretty dark as it is, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that I dyed it unless you looked at it in the right light.

From what I got from our conversation, Forest seems like a really cool guy so if you get the chance you should definitely do your next classmate conversation with him!


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