Wk6 – Activity – Periscope

A picture of Diana and myself during our broadcast. If you’re wondering why I’m making a face its because someone had just commented something strange.

For this week’s activity we had to use Periscope to broadcast ourselves and to watch other Periscopers’ broadcasts.  For my broadcast my friend, Diana, and myself decided to do it together at school.  For those of you that don’t know what Periscope is, its an app that allows you to broadcast live videos to the world which others can watch and comment on.

I was initially dreading this activity because I’ve never really been a fan of being on camera, but having a friend with me to broadcast made it a bit more tolerable.  When I started my broadcast I was really confused about what I was doing, I had no idea what I was going to talk about or how to actually use the app.  I also found it extremely awkward when no one was commenting because I didn’t know what to say.  Throughout our broadcasts we did run into a few strange people that commented weird things, but for the most part the people watching were really cool.  We even had a few international viewers from Ireland, Turkey, and Albania.

We promised that we’d mention Ireland in our post. 😀

A few of the Periscopes I actually enjoyed watching were the ones where the person broadcasting was actually walking around and showing us what they could see.  I actually watched a Periscope that was in the London and they were walking to Buckingham Palace!  Another one I watched were two girls who go to American University in Dubai.  One of them actually walked around their university for a bit and showed us around the building they were working in.  They too were actually using Periscope for a school project which was really cool!

Person walking toward Buckingham Palace.

When watching some of my classmates’ Periscopes for the most part most people seemed to feel as awkward as I did.  Nobody was doing anything exceptionally interesting.  Most of the Periscopes had something to do with just hanging out with friends or going through their daily routine.  Which is pretty similar to what Diana and myself did since I titled my scope “Doing homework” which was me attempting to get some work done while doing my scope.

One of my classmate’s Periscopes

I’m honestly not a huge fan of Periscope because I feel like the whole concept is kind of awkward.  I say this because even when I watched some of the more famous people on Periscope their broadcasts just seemed random and unorganized.  And sometimes the person broadcasting would go a long time without saying anything and I’d just be watching them sitting there doing nothing.  So I got bored relatively quickly.  Although this activity turned out to be was pretty interesting I don’t have any plans to continue using Periscope in the future.

Username: courtney_s


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