Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Nicholas Ramirez

Nick and myself in one of the art galleries.

For this week’s classmate conversation I met Nicholas Ramirez.  Nick is from Whittier, CA and graduated from California High School in 2012.  He is now a fourth year majoring in Kinesiology major with a focus in fitness at Cal State Long Beach.  He hopes to one day be a certified personal trainer and open his own small gym.

I found out that Nick participated in sports in high school, he did both football (all four years) and track & field (did shot put for two years).  He continues to be extremely active by working out, snowboarding, and wake boarding.  When he’s not up for physical activities he enjoys drawing and watching Netflix.  I connected with this very deeply since I too am obsessed with Netflix and it’s endless amount of shows and movies.

When talking with Nick we eventually got onto the topic of food and we both agreed that food is the best.  Nick’s favorite type of food is Italian and says that he could eat it all day.  He also mentioned that his uncle owns an Italian restaurant in Long Beach and I definitely plan on checking it out with some of my friends in the near future.

For the question of the week (What do you swim in?) Nick said that as a student his life pretty much revolves completely around school.  But we all live in our own little world.  I honestly couldn’t agree more because as an engineering major I am pretty much always doing school work and hardly have any free time to do the things I enjoy.  I am also pretty oblivious to the world so sometimes I really am living in my own little world.

I’m really happy that I had the chance to meet Nick this week because he’s a really nice and cool guy.  Hopefully we’ll continue to get to know each other throughout the semester.


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