Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

For this week’s activity we had to go a night without electricity.  I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this activity because I knew it was going to be difficult since nowadays our lives revolve completely around technology (electricity).  I was planning on spending the night in my room because my family wasn’t about living without electricity for the night.

So my dad has a box of candles for emergencies so I lit a few and decided to try and catch up on some reading since I couldn’t really do anything else.  But I felt like I as straining my eyes and in fear of making my vision any worse than what it already is I put down my book.  It didn’t take long for me to get bored of sitting in the dark so I’m sad to say I gave up on this activity.

I know that we were supposed to spend the whole night without electricity, but I couldn’t stand just sitting in my room doing nothing.  This activity was actually stressing me out because I have a lot of school work and studying (which is mostly online based work and all of my textbooks are ebooks) that I need to catch up on and giving up a whole night of studying didn’t seem like a wise use of my time.  This activity made me realize how difficult it is to function without technology.  The only time I’ll ever do this activity again is if my power goes out or when I’m going camping with my family (but even then we use lanterns).

Since my room is extremely messy at the moment I opted for a picture of a candle instead.

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