Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Inessa Lopez

Inessa posing with a painting in one of the galleries.

For this week’s classmate conversation I talked to Inessa Lopez.  I found out that Inessa and I actually went to the same high school, Cypress High School, but she graduated a year after me (2014).  She is a second year majoring in physics at Cal State Long Beach.  She is currently 19 years old and has a younger brother.  She is Mexican and German, but since she’s third generation she can only speak English.

Inessa enjoys doing physical activities, she told me that she played softball for 14 years and enjoys working out and hiking in her free time.  When she’s feeling lazy she likes to watch Netflix and catch up on sleep.  I connected very deeply with this because I also love Netflix and sleeping is one of my favorite things ever!!

If she’s feeling adventurous she’ll go to a new cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop.  I think this is really cool, I personally love going to little coffee shops because they’re so comfy and quite in comparison to Starbucks.  And you don’t always know about these sort of places unless you walk around and try new places.

For this week’s question of the week (Does art matter?) Inessa said that she does think art matters because “…our world would be so dull without [art].”  She goes on to say that artists are the people the put liveliness in our world and without them the world would be boring.


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