Wk4 – Activity – Painting


For this week’s activity we went to Venice Beach and spray painted our names on the art walls.  I was actually really looking forward to this activity because I’ve never spray painted a wall before and it sounded like a lot of fun.  Since we were all planning on going to Venice Sunday Diana, JeanineInessa and I carpooled together.  At first we were all pretty skeptical about whether or not we needed a permit so we went to the recreation center and were told that there was someone in a tent by the walls giving out permits.  But when we got to the walls there was no one there so we just decided to go for it and started painting.


Initially we were all pretty unsure of ourselves but after starting we all relaxed and just went with the flow of things.  Nobody really had any clue what they were doing, but we were definitely have a lot of fun!  I feel like I should have wrote my name in capital letters because I wrote my letters kind of small so it was difficult to outline them.  To be perfectly honest my name looked pretty bad compared to some of the really nice ones already on the walls.  Since I’ve never done any spray painting before I had no idea how far away I should hold the can from the wall so some parts were pretty splotchy.  Overall I thought this activity was really fun, but I’m not sure if I would come back to Venice and do it again.  I just didn’t like Venice Beach all that much, this is probably because I’m used to going to Huntington Beach all the time which is super clean in comparison.



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