Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Jeanine Pham

IMG_0507For this week’s Classmate Conversation I talked to Jeanine Pham (https://jeaninepham.wordpress.com).  As it turns out Jeanine and I actually went to the same high school, Cypress High School, although I graduated a year before her (she graduated in 2014).  She is a second year Biology major with a focus in molecular cell and physiology at Cal State Long Beach.  She is from Garden Grove and commutes to school, which she absolutely hates.  I also found out that she has a younger brother that is currently a senior at our old high school.

She is Vietnamese and can actually speak the language which is really cool!  I’m honestly pretty jealous of anybody that can speak more than one language.  I have actually tried to learn Japanese so that I could try have secret conversations with my mom, but I quickly found out that its easier said than done.

Something unique about Jeanine is that she is actually scuba certified!  I think this is super cool and would love to be scuba certified as well but I find the ocean to be completely terrifying so it will probably never happen.  Jeanine also said that she loves to cook which is AMAZING! I personally can not cook to save my life…I can’t even make Rice A Roni correctly even though I follow all the directions.

I feel as though Jeanine and I have a lot in common, but we just don’t know it.  When I first met her she seemed kind of quiet, but when you get to know her you find out that she’s really nice and fun to be around.  I too can come off as quiet if I’m not in the talking mood, but I can also be really loud and impossible to shut up.


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