Wk3 – Activity – Instagram

For this week’s activity we had to post 4 or more photos on Instagram using the hashtag #art110f15.  Personally I am not a very avid Instagram user so posting 4 photos in one day was a bit of a challenge for me.  This is probably because I’m really bad about taking pictures whenever I’m out with friends so at the end of the night when everybody’s trying to think of clever captions for their photos I literally have nothing to post.

Post #1: A photo I took in one the art galleries
Post #2: Lunch at Outpost
Post #3: A photo taken in my Fluids Lab.
Post #4: A photo of my ice cream.

I noticed that most of the photos posted throughout the day were of campus, people studying with friends, and the art galleries.  This was probably because it was a Thursday and most people were spending the day on campus like myself.  I personally didn’t see any surprises when looking at other people’s photos, they all just seemed like a typical day in a student’s life.  In a way I do feel like we are a little community because even though most of us don’t know each other it seems like a lot of us have similar interests.

Here is a small glimpse of some of the photos posted throughout the day

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