Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting

For this week’s activity we had to make a plaster cast of our hand or foot.  My friend Diana (http://dianadnguyen.com) and I did the activity together and made two casts each.  Our projects turned out pretty well, but since we were absolutely awful at pouring the paster into our molds (kept missing so the plaster was not distributed evenly between the four molds) we each ended up with one good sculpture.  This project was actually relatively cheap since between Diana and myself we only had to buy the plaster and a bucket (which was about $10).

At one point during the project we were actually afraid that our projects were destroyed because a big wave made it up to our molds but thankfully they weren’t ruined.


This was me digging a moat to try and protect our projects from the waves.


Digging out our projects after the wave hit.

Overall I thought that this project was really fun and may drag some of my friends to the beach and do it again!


Brushing off some of the sand off my sculpture.


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